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Dogs, Long Sentences & Altruism

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Katya Reading Local Newspaper The dogs generally don’t string more than two words together but occasionally they’ll go further. Katya and Remus tend to be at the vanguard of complexity. This afternoon Katya used a mix of sign and vocals … Continue reading

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War Pigs

Put your cursor over the picture… Someone saw a picture of Archimedes opening his mouth and then on a discussion group about war theory asked why not war pigs? That generated some interesting comments which my spiders picked up and … Continue reading

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Dog Names

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Kavi on Snow Dogs use names. They know their own name. They know each other’s names as I use them and they have names for each other that are used by all of the pack. They even have a name … Continue reading

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Alien Communications

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Katya Thinking Peanut’s Snoopy is cute, quirky and highly intelligent. But he’s just a cartoon. Or is he? Much of what he does I’ve seen dogs do. They think about things, they dance, they care, they have opinions, they communicate.

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Kermit and the Ganders

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Geese in a Cage We have geese. People often ask, what are the geese for? Do we use them for guarding? Do we sell goose for Christmas?

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Conversations with a Dog

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Fireworks The dogs and I don’t talk about deep philosophical things. But then I’m not so incline. Rather we talk about practical things. Livestock, predators, the weather, engineering, ferrets, fish, food, fire… Fire… Remus loves to talk about fire. “Can … Continue reading

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Makes Me Want to Gag

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Kavi on Cliff On of our livestock guardian dogs Kavi had gotten a stomach bug or something. Maybe he ate somebody he didn’t agree with. In any case he threw up a little bit of bark and bile Friday evening. … Continue reading

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Bilingual Dogs

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Walter and Friends in Warmer Days Growing up I knew a talking sheepdog, one of those big long haired ones, who spoke a half dozen or so English words in a thick accent. No, he didn’t have an English accent … Continue reading

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Communicating Complexities

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Kavi Stalking We have limited communications with our dogs. They understand hundreds of words in our speech and sign language that we use on the farm for herding and other things. The dogs are also able to talk to us … Continue reading

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Of Pig Brains and Tea Cups

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Half a Pig Head – Pig Skull Cross Section I read people making grandiose claims about how pigs are so intelligent. Well, pigs are pretty good at being pigs but they lose out big time compared to dogs in the … Continue reading

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