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Dragons Out

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Jewelweed and Water Droplet One of my favorite flowers is the jewelweed also known as Touch-Me-Nots and scientifically named Impatiens noli-tangere. It grows wild and particularly likes moist soils. The flowers look like little dragons and are gorgeous colors.

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Raspberries in Season

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Perfect Raspberry We’ve been enjoying the bounty of raspberries for over a month. It is not quite as plentiful as last year but still a very good year. These grow wild all over the mountain. They do particularly well with … Continue reading

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Pop Dragons

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Dragons on a Blue Sky Jewel Weed is one of my favorite flowers. Admittedly I have a lot of favorites and now is the season of the dragon.

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Jewel of the Mountain

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Impatiens capensis a.k.a. Jewel Weed “closely related to the carnivorous plant[s]” –Wiki

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