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Day Lily Whirl

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Day Lily in a Whirl of Motion This is not a computer edited photo. It’s not CGI. Rather I spun my hand as I took the photo. It is a rather pleasing effect.

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Snowy April Morning

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Dusting of Snow While it has been a low snow year and warmer than usual we are still getting a light dusting of snow almost every morning. It is only about half and inch to two inches, just enough to … Continue reading

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Dog Names

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Kavi on Snow Dogs use names. They know their own name. They know each other’s names as I use them and they have names for each other that are used by all of the pack. They even have a name … Continue reading

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Pop Dragons

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Dragons on a Blue Sky Jewel Weed is one of my favorite flowers. Admittedly I have a lot of favorites and now is the season of the dragon.

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Katya’s Helen Keller Moves

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Katya Resting below Unicorn Katya is one of our livestock guardian dogs but she’s a little disabled, or differently enabled to put it in politically correct terminology. Specifically when she was a puppy she had white muscle disease which is … Continue reading

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Changes Blowing In The Wind

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Last time we went to Cape Code it seems every one was talking about the off shore wind power plans. For and against it. Posters plastered. Newspaper articles. Everywhere. Seems the Kennedy family and their friends were against having wind … Continue reading

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Inspector’s Slab Garden

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Inspector’s Parking Slab Garden One of the requirements for the butcher shop is to have a parking space for the inspector, of course, and it should be paved. Paving isn’t something we have out here although that may seem rather … Continue reading

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Peak Foliage 2014

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Riddel Pond Peak Foliage 2014 The mountains are ablaze with color as we hit peak foliage season.

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Call to the Darkest Night

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Lili White on Snow A few minutes later a lone wolf howled on the hill from the shadows of sunlight. A strange mournful sound. An unusual call. Rarely given. Rarely heard. Three times he called. And then there was silence.

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Water Heater Arrival – Last Equipment!

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Walter and Ben with Heat Pump Water Heater The last piece of equipment has arrived to open the butcher shop! This is our 80 gallon water heater. It is a tank based heater that works slowly and cheaply. We have … Continue reading

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