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Mystery Photo

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What are we seeing? Can you puzzle out what we’re seeing here and what caused it?

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20,000th Comment!

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Performing Carpel Tunnel Surgery on a Pig The prize for the 20,000th comment goes to Eggyknap for their comment on the Mystery Photo post in June.

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Mystery Photo: Pig Hippy Pot of Moss

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Skull of the mysterious mountain Piggyhippypotomoss I picked this interesting bone out of the compost pile. Can you recognize what it is? It would make a great monster skull mask for Halloween. Perhaps something a shaman would wear to make … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo: Dark Spots on FRP

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Dark Spots on FRP What in the world?!?

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Mishaps with Brains

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Barrel by Road This is not a Zombie Brain Accident.

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Siberian Tiger Swimming

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Siberian Tiger Swim Click for Big Picture As is tradition, our mermaid went for a swim long before ice out on the upper pond.

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Snow Flake Pattern

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Pattern in Snow Mystery Question: How was this pattern in the snow created?

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Mystery Photo: Escape

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Out of Place Click for Answer Puzzle: Can you spot what is out of place in this picture?

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Who’s That Hawk?

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Mystery Hawk – Click Image for Larger View This bird was following me around as a made my morning rounds of the fields. It gave sharp short screams. I didn’t quite catch it’s name, perhaps Hudson Hawk.

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2,000 Post Milestone

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2,000 Blog Posts Bit of a milestone on my blog as I posted the 2,000th blog post yesterday about Of Porcupines and Stock Car Racing. It is amazing how far one gets by putting one foot in front of the … Continue reading

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