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License to Cut

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Sugar Mountain Farm Butcher Shop License In this morning’s mail I received our meat processing license from the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets division. We are now able to officially begin butchering under Vermont state inspection!

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Seal the Hatches!

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Sealing the Hatches One of the last construction items on my list is sealing the hatches to the trenches where I access our plumbing. I designed the DWV plumbing such that almost all of the clean outs come to just … Continue reading

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Mystery Photo: Dark Spots on FRP

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Dark Spots on FRP What in the world?!?

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Feeling Flushed

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Toilet Installed and Flushing! I’ve been working on hooking up the last of the plumbing in the butcher shop. Here Ben does the first flush of the toilet. You wouldn’t believe how exciting a flushing toilet can be!

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Polyurea and Tape Boot Patching

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Tape and Polyurea Boots wear out. Sometimes we wear out our souls. Sometimes we get punctures in the sides from projections like sticks or rocks. Even the best boots we’ve found to date wear out. If a boot lasts a … Continue reading

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Gram Scale Pays Off

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Not Enough Epoxy Last year I had bought a small gram scale to make our mixing of epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea more accurate. These are chemistries where you want to have the right ratios. In the process of this I … Continue reading

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Family Photo in Butcher Shop

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Calendar Photo: Jeffries Family Photo in Butcher Shop We are almost done with construction such that soon we’ll be able to begin cutting our pigs here in our own on-farm butcher shop. This week we got in our uniforms which … Continue reading

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Glowing Views

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Non-Karnovian Radiation There have been rumors in our town about the various types of research we do up here in our laboratories. There was the time that someone stood up at town meeting to ask what should be done about … Continue reading

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Initial Cutter Stainless Steel Works

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Stainless Steel Door to iCutter iCutter is the initial cutting room we’ll be using which is in the first part of the butcher shop termed Admin. The Admin section consists of the USDA/State inspector’s office, bathroom, main hall and the … Continue reading

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Admin Polyurea

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Front Hall of Butcher Shop On Thursday Ben and I applied polyurethane to all the remaining walls and ceilings of the initial part of the butcher shop, what we call Admin which includes the front hall, inspector’s office, bathroom and … Continue reading

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