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SMF Bacon on a Stick by Berdas at Champlain Valley Fair

Berda’s at the Fair Each week we supply Berda’s Restaurant (on Facebook) in Essex Center, Vermont with our famous uncured dry rub maple bacon which we make with real Vermont maple syrup and Berda’s features in many of their delicious … Continue reading

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Uncured Bacon, Celery Salt & Labeling

Make Your Own Homemade Bacon! As I discussed back in July I’ve been doing a lot of bacon making this past year. In fact, 64 different test batches of bacon as I adjusted ingredients, aging time, cook times, cutting and … Continue reading

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Home Made Bacon In Stores!

Make Your Own Homemade Bacon! For the past year I’ve been subjecting my family to the trials and tribulations of having to eat lots of bacon. Not quite tons but 64 different batches of bacon as I tested ingredients, cook … Continue reading

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Corned Pork on Store Shelves!

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Sugar Mountain Farm Corned Pork Label Before there was corned beef for St. Patrick’s day there was corned pork – an interesting bit of history I recently learned while researching the regulations for our new product label.

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Bald Eagle Supervising Sunchoke Planting

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Lady with Her Eggs We’ve been road building to gain access to fields off of our main whey driveway that runs up past the butcher shop to the high whey tanks and cottage. This involves putting in terraces along the … Continue reading

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First Monarch Butterfly

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First Monarch Butterfly in Two Years This is the first Monarch Butterfly I’ve seen in two years. So far I’ve seen only one this year which is quite discouraging. One almost doesn’t even count. Recent research is blaming Monsanto, GMOs … Continue reading

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Of Mussels and Menus

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Mussel Muscles After a discussion of muscles I cooked up two pounds of mussels to make a mussel, white sauce and fettuccine dinner for Saturday. They’re now chilling in the fridge.

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Moving Pigs

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Moving Sow & Piglets Someone asked about how to move pigs around the farm. I’ve written about this several times but they’re scattered in different articles so here’s a list of ways to move pigs:

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Chicory in Bloom

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Chicory Flower Chicory is a beautiful flower. It grows wild around here and I planted a lot more in my pastures which has reseeded nicely over the years. It comes in many colors and has a very long blooming season … Continue reading

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The Red Pill or The Blue Pill?

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To Which Reality to You Subscribe? In the Matrix Morpheus offers Neo a choice of the red pill or the blue pill, two alternative realities reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. These red and blue pills are my version.

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