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Pasture Post Pig Grazing

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Pasture Pictured Post Pigs There is the idea that pigs will destroy pasture. This is wrong provided they are properly managed with rotational grazing. Rotational grazing mimics the natural movement of animals over migratory routes and optimizes forage regrowth while … Continue reading

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Field Bed and Natural Terracing

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Pigs in South Field Copse The pigs in the south field herd have a large nesting area on the sunny side of a copse of trees in the upper paddock which they’re using as a winter paddock this year. Behind … Continue reading

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Weld On, Weld Off

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Broken Tractor Loader The tractor’s loader cross bar broke at the weld. It wasn’t the weld that broke but rather the metal of the tube just past the weld. Fortunately non-catatrophic but it took it out of service.

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QMain’s Milk Bar, Fencing & Seeding

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Piglets Nursing on Quartermane These piglets, part of a litter of nine, are out of Blackie’s line. Black is recessive to white, thus the mix of colors. Today Ben and Will finished fencing paddocks in the south field for the … Continue reading

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