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Apple Time

Apples Ripening Our apple and pear trees are heavy with fruit. It is the fall bounty. We have a lot of apple trees out in the pastures, primarily wild. Both pigs and chickens enjoy the drops.

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Apple Bounty in Blue Sky

Apples in Blue Sky While this was a poor year for pumpkins and sunflowers it has been a fantastic year for our pasture forages, apples and pears. Life’s like that. One thing is down in a particular year but other … Continue reading

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Purple Thistle – Grand Rotation

Purple Thistle (Silybum marianum) I used to worry about thistles and burdocks. That was back before our pigs. The thistles because while they are beautiful they are also extremely painful to brush up against. The burdock because they use our … Continue reading

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Pasture Post Pig Grazing

Pasture Pictured Post Pigs There is the idea that pigs will destroy pasture. This is wrong provided they are properly managed with rotational grazing. Rotational grazing mimics the natural movement of animals over migratory routes and optimizes forage regrowth while … Continue reading

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