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Butcher Shop July Temps

Butcher Shop Staying Cool in July’s Hot Sun Without any mechanical refrigeration the butcher shop stays cool in the summer and without any heating it stays warm in the winter. This is due to the extreme insulation (R30 to R120), … Continue reading

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Butcher Shop Exterior

Butcher Shop Exterior Scaffolding People often missunderstand what they’re seeing when they look at the exterior of the butcher shop, thinking that the porcupine like structure is the building. Actually, this is the scaffolding that kept us safe while working … Continue reading

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Curing the Butcher Shop

Cherry Branch in Ice from Mist Back on the 24th of February we have completed the interior plastering and coves of the bathroom and initial cutter rooms. That represented the first day of the 28 day wait for the concrete … Continue reading

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Butcher Shop on Snow

Butcher Shop on Snow With the cold winter weather it is very nice to be able to work inside the butcher shop where it is naturally a balmy 45°F just like the cave it was designed to be.

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