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Quick Order Form

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Weekly Delivery Route (Click For Big Picture)This is the Quick Order Form – for full descriptions of options and other details see the Pork Page. Pickup is available at the farm or on our weekly delivery route around Vermont up … Continue reading

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Best Pig

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A Pig in Hand is worth Two in the Bush. A frequent question from people getting into pigs, or raising any livestock, is: “What is the best breed of pig.”

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Wild Farrowing

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Private Room with a View This gilt sow wanted a private room. She was willing to go to extremes to get it. Three times she broke out of the south Ark gestating paddock in search of a place of her … Continue reading

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Calendar 2016

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2016 Calendar Front Cover Pigs on Pasture at Sugar Mountain Farm It’s a new year and a new calendar time! The image above is the front cover of our latest creation. Calendars are a wonderful pictorial tour of life in … Continue reading

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