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Barn Swallow Chicks

Barn Swallow Chicks We have a lot of killdeer, barn swallows and other birds in our pastures. In fact there are far more birds and other wildlife here now than when we moved to our land over 25 years ago. … Continue reading

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Peep Peep New Chicks

Rhode Island Red Hen with Nine Chicks In addition to sounds of piglets and nine goslings we also have two new clutches of chicks from our hens. The Rhode Island Red hen above has none. There were actually two hens … Continue reading

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Six Chicky Chicks

Buff Orpington and Chicks Mostly we buy in baby chicks every few years but some are born on the farm, hatched by our existing population of chickens like these six chicks who are being mothered by a Buff Orpington hen.

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Chicks Arriving

Hope Liberating Chicks We keep a lot of chickens for their organic pest control function. They keep our farm healthy and pleasant without needing to use insecticides or pesticides. These are approximately 300 that arrived in late May.

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