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Ducks Up Hill

Ducks Climbing Up Pasture

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Winter Ducks & Empathy

Ducks and Geese Enjoying Winter Sun I spoke with a nice gentleman down in Georgia who was concerned about ducks he was seeing outside his apartment because it was down to the single digits (let’s assume 5°F) last night.†

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South Field Sows, Chickens, Ducks & Piglets

Sows Waiting This spot is a junction of many fields. Sometimes that fence is open to allow free passage or for herding of pigs from the lower to higher mountain fields. Today it is closed with the carabiners you can … Continue reading

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White Ducks, Green Pastures

Pekin Ducks on Pasture Happy ducks on pasture. Even though we don’t feed them commercial duck feed they still grow sooo fast! Ducks pack on the pounds far faster than chickens. The job of these feathered fowl is to gobble … Continue reading

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