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Shipping Kickstarters Again!

Pork heading to Louisiana In the spring I had a problem with some packages of meat getting to warm when they had not been delivered as fast as the mail and FedEx claimed they would be delivered. Especially problematic with … Continue reading

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Vermont Kickstarters Delivered

Butcher Shop in Snow Fear not! The snows have indeed melted and the butcher shop has emerged from the glacier of Winterfell. Although, just a few days ago we had another snow fall – Winter Is Coming… But for now … Continue reading

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Vermont Kickstarter Backers All Contacted

This year and part of last year since we opened the butcher shop at Sugar Mountain Farm I’ve been filling the CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter pre-orders that help with funding the construction of the butcher shop. I have now finished … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Backers by State

Kickstarter Backers by State Someone asked an interesting question: “Where did Kickstarter backers come from?” Specifically they were wondering in Vermont vs other states.

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