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Money Laundering

Washing Money I did this by accident and then realized it’s a great way to make sure your money is clean in these uncertain times…

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Wet Run #2 – Sausage

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Walter Breaking Primals Today we did our second wet run, cutting another half pig in our brandy-new butcher shop. The second time through went much faster and smoother. It will get better and better with practice.

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Washing Machine Installed

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Washing Machine Test Yesterday morning we installed the washing machine and took it for a spin. This is an example of one of the Miscellaneous items that from yesterday’s To-Do List for the butcher shop. To be a USDA inspected … Continue reading

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Retail License Arrived

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Retail License Hanging in Butcher Shop Office One of the many licenses we need is our retail meat handling license and scale license. That arrived yesterday and I hung it in the butcher shop office. It is the first one … Continue reading

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