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Laundry Floor Pig

Pig in the Laundry The laundry and the office of our butcher shop are non-critical rooms so they get to serve as practice for a lot of little techniques that we need to have perfect for the processing rooms.

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Laundry Loader

Laundry LoaderAnother light weight post… A creative use of a backhoe. This is on the Brook Road between Orange and Plainfield, Vermont. It’s been parked there so long that I suspect the machine may have ‘issues’. It’s good to see … Continue reading

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Money Laundering

Washing Money I did this by accident and then realized it’s a great way to make sure your money is clean in these uncertain times…

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Wet Run #2 – Sausage

Walter Breaking Primals Today we did our second wet run, cutting another half pig in our brandy-new butcher shop. The second time through went much faster and smoother. It will get better and better with practice.

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