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Last Snow Storm of Winter

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Late April Snow Storm We got six inches of snow on April 26th. This isn’t the latest snowfall we’ve ever had and we can’t really count on gardening weather with no chance of frost until… maybe August. But I am … Continue reading

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Wild Farrowing

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Private Room with a View This gilt sow wanted a private room. She was willing to go to extremes to get it. Three times she broke out of the south Ark gestating paddock in search of a place of her … Continue reading

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About to Farrow

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Late Gestation Sow A frequent question is how do you know when a sow is close to farrowing. The lady above is an example.

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Sunflower Ark

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South Field Ark Surrounded by Sunflowers Our open greenhouse in the south field plateau is currently surrounded by a sea of gold and green – sunflowers growing in the winter paddock. During the winter many of the pigs sleep in … Continue reading

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