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Wild Farrowing

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Private Room with a View This gilt sow wanted a private room. She was willing to go to extremes to get it. Three times she broke out of the south Ark gestating paddock in search of a place of her … Continue reading

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About to Farrow

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Late Gestation Sow A frequent question is how do you know when a sow is close to farrowing. The lady above is an example.

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Sunflower Ark

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South Field Ark Surrounded by Sunflowers Our open greenhouse in the south field plateau is currently surrounded by a sea of gold and green – sunflowers growing in the winter paddock. During the winter many of the pigs sleep in … Continue reading

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Lard vs Bacon Pigs

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Katya & Ben with Weaner Pigs in South Weaning Paddock Dr. Food commented on yesterday’s post: A lean “bacon” breed? I never thought of “bacon” and “lean” in the same clause like that…. Pigs are categorized as being either: Lard … Continue reading

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