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Iron Horse in Waterbury

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Raging Iron on Sky Occasionally I go down off the mountain on the delivery route. Yes, the world is still there. In Waterbury, Vermont I spotted something new by the side of the road.

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Pomace Party

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Hope with North Field Herd at Pomace Party One thing that we sometimes have for the pigs is apple pomace, the crushed remains of apples after making cider. Some natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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Vet Visit

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Panorama of South Field Gathering of Pigs – Click on the picture to zoom larger. This is the fall sleeping area for the south herd. You can see some hay bales we put out which draws them in to sleep … Continue reading

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Moo Cow Sow

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Moo Cow Sow chewing her cud… Occasionally some miss-informed individual tells me that pigs can’t eat grass, can’t eat hay, can’t thrive on pasture. When I relay this message to my sows it sends them into spasms of laughter which … Continue reading

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