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Upper Pond Panorama Spring 2016

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Upper Pond Panorama Click for Big Picture By mid-day the snow is pretty much gone although we may still get another half inch to two inches each night this time of year. It’s good sugaring weather. Cold nights and warm … Continue reading

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The King is Dead – Long Live the King!

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A Young Spitz As I’ve mentioned the blog posts for part of December and most of January went missing in action due to our web hosting company having one of their server’s RAID controllers literally burn up frying the backup … Continue reading

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Tusk Hooked

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Montpelier Building by Bridge No photo of today’s topic because when a 1,000 lb boar has his tusk stuck on the fence you don’t lollygag around with a camera.

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North Home Field Sow and Piglets

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Nine Piglets in North Home Field A Piglet-Fix for those in need. These little piglets are hitting that maximum cuteness stage designed to pull the heart strings of mammals everywhere. It’s a good evolutionary strategy.

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