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War Pigs

Put your cursor over the picture… Someone saw a picture of Archimedes opening his mouth and then on a discussion group about war theory asked why not war pigs? That generated some interesting comments which my spiders picked up and … Continue reading

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Pure Wood Chip Composting

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Wood Chip Compost Heating Up While we were working on putting up ribs on the greenhouse in the south field I noticed a black hole. Then another. And another…

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Spitzon’s Gash Spitzon, son of Spitz, made a mistake. About a month ago he left his south field territory and went north where his father reigns supreme. This was a mistake because not only is Spitz several hundred pounds larger … Continue reading

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The Rubbing Tree

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The Rubbing Tree This tree is in one of the lower south field farrowing paddocks. As you can see it is a favored rubbing spot for the big sows who are farrowing and nursing down there. When cutting trees to … Continue reading

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