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Van on a Pillar of Ice

Van up on Ice Pillar Our snow is almost, finally, gone. Some years it’s a little earlier. Some years later. Soon the fields will be green.

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Streamline Van

Van in the Wind Stream We’ve been wind tunnel testing our Ford Econoline 350 Extended Body delivery van as the photo above shows. The test is run backwards. That is to say the wind was coming from the rear as … Continue reading

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Van Rack

Van Rack This is the white stretch limo that my wife drives down to Adams Slaughterhouse each week with piggies in the back and a chest freezer in the middle for picking up last week’s batch of meat. What’s different … Continue reading

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Van Runs

Running EngineSee our van run.Run, van, run!Keep on running!Run far, run long!See van run! That is the engine of our extended body ford cargo van with the interior shroud off. Below it you can see the muddy dirt road blurring … Continue reading

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