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Sweets Between Friends

Yellow Jackets & Mud Wasps Feeding on Sugar I spilled a bit of sugar on the ground which my local wasp friends found. They’ve been cleaning it up for me. So far no problem or conflict as I feed whey, … Continue reading

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Special Days

Flat Land in Vermont If you add up the first seven digits of today they equal the eighth digit, eight: 20200228

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Blue Sky Ice Trees in Setting Sun

Sunsetting over Sugar Mountain Bear Ridge Plateau through Iced Trees As I was plowing the driveway for the whey truck the sun was setting over the mountain lighting up the crystal trees coated in ice.

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Peanut Butter Arrival at New Loading Dock

New loading dock’s first use This spring Ben and I built a new granite unloading dock for the farm. It allows a tractor trailer truck to backup to a stone slab wall out by the gate. Then I can easily … Continue reading

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