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Round Bender

Round Bender Edge Will recently made an adaptation to his home brew wooden metal fabrication machine that lets him do precise round corners. He is building the stainless steel tables and counters for the initial cutting room (iCutter) of our … Continue reading

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Making Metal Making Machines

Will in his Metal Shop Sometimes we have to harvest the wood and hew the stone to make the tools to build the machines to fabricate the equipment we need to do our jobs.

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Metal Bender

Will with Metal Bender Will is the metal master, doing our welding, fabricating and learning metallurgy. He invented this little metal bender to make stainless steel ears for the tractor. I’ll post about that chain of events soon…

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Packing Shelves

First Packer Shelf The person doing deliveries will be doing the packing most of the time. We’ll have a nifty vacuum packing machine and next to it set into the wall out of the way will be a set of … Continue reading

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