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Cottage Door Ice Wall

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Morning Light on Cottage Door Ice Wall I’ve been encouraging this huge icicle to grow next to our door. It’s like growing beans but upside down. The weather conditions have been just right. It gives me ideas.

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Fall Foliage – Prepping for Winter

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Fall Foliage Peaking Out Around Marsh Mountains Fall is officially here. Not just by the Equinox but the trees have begun to change color. Or rather the yanked on their fall wardrobe. It happened suddenly. One day I photographed a … Continue reading

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Winter Pig Housing

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Forming of Butcher Shop Administration Ceilings Patrick asked in comments: Any advice on younger pigs over the colder months? (USDA Zone 7) Feeders and breeders do well over the winter however I recommend not trying to farrow in the worst … Continue reading

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Roof Revealed

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Butcher Shop Roof Revealed as seen from North Home Field This week we unbedded the butcher shop roof from its winter slumbers. After we did the last big pour that closed in the building in December 2012 we covered the … Continue reading

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