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Winter Paddocks

Winter Garden Paddock During the warm months from spring through late fall our pigs graze out on our pastures across the mountain side. We have about 70 acres of pasture which we use in a grand rotation of about 40 … Continue reading

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Last Snow Storm of Winter

Late April Snow Storm We got six inches of snow on April 26th. This isn’t the latest snowfall we’ve ever had and we can’t really count on gardening weather with no chance of frost until… maybe August. But I am … Continue reading

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Winter Trails

Winter Pig Trail While technically, by the calendar, it may be spring, it is still winter here on the mountain. As such, the pigs are sticking close to their winter trails where the snow is packed hard making travel easy.

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Winter Garden Paddock

Sows, Piglets & Berkshire Boar Spitz In the winter we shift the pigs down off of the mountain pastures into winter paddocks closer to the house. These areas are more protected from the wind, closer to the waterers and have … Continue reading

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